call for artists


We are creating an online, curated collection on behalf of a sustainable design e-commerce platform. While our client welcomes submissions from artists of all backgrounds, they are specifically interested in socially conscious art by emerging artists from groups traditionally underrepresented in the arts.


Our client is launching an online platform for bespoke sustainable design goods with a specific section for visual art in late November 2020. The mission of the platform is to bring quality, lasting products into the homes of their customers and to encourage the lifelong advocacy and support of creatives and visual artists. The visual art collection aims to not only share the work of selected artists with their customers, but to also share their stories and perspectives. Each artist and their work(s) will have an individual page on the platform -- the contents of which would include the artist’s bio, statement and potentially a short video of their practice. 

Please note that upon purchase of a work through the platform we, the art advisory firm, will be responsible for all costs related to packaging and shipping of all works. 


Kindly forward further questions regarding the design platform to


We welcome submissions in any medium and of any size. Initial submissions will be made with digital images (jpg). Participants may submit as many works as they would like to be considered for the collection. We recommend sending a minimum of 3 so that we can assess your suitability for the collection based on the needs of our client. 


Submission must include:

  • Your resume/C.V. (and any links to professional websites), 

  • Your bio, 

  • An artist’s statement, 

  • Technical descriptions of your selected works, and 

  • Images of your selected works (and any detail images, if applicable). 




In an effort to conserve resources, we only accept digital submissions (i.e. images, resume, C.V., artist’s statement, etc.) for consideration. 


Images must be sent via email to: In the subject line please include: “Open Call Submission - [Last Name, First Name]”  




Please include the following specifications on your images:


Please name all of your entry files as follows:

  • Last Name (comma) First Name (hyphen) Title of Work

  • Example: Picasso, Pablo - Guernica.jpg.


There is no need to include any other information in the file name such as title, media, year, etc. Please include any and all technical information in the body of the email.


Additional Detail Images -- If you think it is necessary to submit detail(s) of a particular piece, you are welcome to do so; just be sure not to miss adding ‘detail’ to the name of your file.  (Example: Picasso, Pablo - Guernica - detail1.jpg)




FormatImage files should be in high quality JPG format ONLY, in full color.


SizeImage files should be no smaller than 1000 pixels in any direction (about 13'') and be at least 72 DPI. This should result in most image files ranging from 700kb to 2mb in file size. Images must be oriented properly (i.e. top of image is top of artwork) and should not include any text on the borders, unless it is considered part of the actual work. All photos should be the original file for the highest quality reproduction and should be in focus, well-lit, not grainy and uncropped. 

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